Aurora Youth Options (AYO) works with middle and high
school-aged youth and their families to navigate, connect and provide positive, individualized resources to help youth thrive.

Mentor a Youth

Make a positive impact in a youth’s life: Mentor them!

Our youth need us. They need our help to imagine the future and their place in it.  This is vital to their success and for their future.

Me, a Mentor?! Yes, any caring adult can mentor a young person. You do not need to be cool or exciting. We ask you to be yourself and work at developing this new relationship. Youth need a little bit of your time. The only mentor who fails is the one who does not show up.

I'm interested…How does this work? Fill out the application below and email it to Ken Broermann, Mentor Program Coordinator. We will contact you to see what questions you might have as well as schedule a time to meet in person and get to know you better in order to make a good match. You will also need to pass a background check. After the paper work is done, the next step is attending training and getting matched with your mentee. We make matches based off of personality and interests. We will work to connect you with a youth who might share some of your same interests or personality traits.

Do they really need me? Yes, we work with at-risk youth. An adult spending time with a young person is always beneficial, however we connect mentors with youth who face multiple life challenges. 

For more information, see the flyers below or contact AYO at 303.617.2660 or
Mentor Flyer
Mentor Application
Volunteer Packet
Background Check Forms
HIPAA Information